Suicidal Run in the Sun!

Posted on May 26, 2012 under 3k, All Weather Running, Easy Runs, Jogs | No Comment

Blazing hot 26 degree heat, but it looked nice and breezy and felt kind of cool in my house and garden. Not unbearable at all, so thought a nice easy 5k would be the ideal first run back out since the Great Manchester Run last week.

Took my baseball cap out and tightened it so it wouldn’t blow off in the breeze, and set off. Felt a bit rusty for the first km, then started to feel really good and upped the pace feeling really strong and motoring, but that lasted all of about 1km (which I ran in a suicidal 5:44), half a km later I cam to an incline and had to stop to walk up it, then couldn’t really get going much again. Wanted to at least run a last km, but by the time I’d done half of one was pouring with sweat, felt like I might set on fire I felt so hot, and was really feeling like I’d be better off calling it quits.

I think the next time I have an evening out planned, and the weather is like this, it will be safer to skip the run and save it for a time closer to sundown when the evening cool is settling in a little bit. Still, a bit of warm weather training might have helped. Can’t believe I ran a 53 minute 10k in this sort of weather at The City of Manchester 10k last year, still that was a bit earlier in the day!

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