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A Shortish 4 miles Halloween Run with Devilish Dudes and Hellish Hills!

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The Sweatshop Hyde Running Group Jekyll & Hyde Monster Mash Halloween Run asked participants to turn up in fancy dress for a 4 mile run combining both groups and welcoming runners of all abilities!

I arrived in my Friday the 13th outfit, complete with hoodie, ski mask and meat cleaver, already glistening wet from rain, rather than the fresh blood of victims along the way!

The outfits were all really amazing and I didn’t even recognise the Devil behind the counter in the shop! This Motley Crew of Ghouls, chainsaw murderers, vampires, witches, imps and zombies went out into the wet October evening and wreaked havoc on unsuspecting public and delighted children alike! We even stopped by the home of one of the running group members and several runners raided the children’s sweet bowls! Check out this bunch of impish, ghoulish, devilish runners! (Pic courtesy of Jackie!)

sweatshop hyde running community

This cast of jogging oddities raised a few eyebrows and occasioned several appreciative beeps of horns, thankfully no pile ups were caused at the shock of seeing this gleeful lot going full tilt up and down hills in the sodden conditions.

Our illustrious coach nearly suffocated in his mask, and I must say running in full horror movie regalia was a hot and breathless affair, but I managed to run and kept to a sensible pace, and hopefully the leg will be OK come tomorrow!

Great Manchester Run 2010 – The Daffodil Video

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And now here is THE video of the Great Manchester run 2010 – the one and only daffodil waving, saluting and bowing to the adoring crowds. Muchly amusing 🙂 😆

Great Manchester Run 2010 – Race Photos and Report…

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I wandered lonely as a daffodil – is that how the poem went?

I had been aware of the fact, ever since the Bolton 10k, that my season’s preparations were in tatters, and that the next race, the Great Manchester Run, being a bit of a ritual for me, and for charity, could be in some jeopardy 🙁 So at some point my twisted mind gave birth to the idea of joining the fancy dress fun runners, and not long after, the concept of running it as a daffodil sprung up (pardon the pun!) – I was running to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care after all! So I started sourcing the goods to make it all happen! I got my race pack, and was in the white wave, but on the day just had to elect to run in the pink wave. Well, walk in the pink wave, with my right leg buggered to buggery, there was no way I would be running 🙁

And so it was not going to be a day for fast running, PB’s, or anything serious – but a day to savour the atmosphere of Britain’s premiere 10k, the Great Manchester Run, and just enjoy being out and running with 36,000 other runners. My eve of race ritual was a little different, concentrating not on eating well or resting, but making sure my daffodil head fit! And then the day itself came, up a little late – and then I braved my neighbourhood streets in my green tights, tutu, and yellow top – saving the daffodil head for the race itself. But I was not to get away with it! There were another bunch of pink wavers at the bus stop – girls – and they insisted I put on my daffodil head for a group photo, and then we piled on the bus and I got admiring comments about my legs. As we arrived in town, I jumped off at Piccadilly and went to get daffodilled up in the loos, and finally emerged resplendent as a bone fide daffodil.

I went to join the pink wave, and got someone to take a photo with my camera, so I could text various friends who had sponsored me. And then it was time for the off and I finally got to the start line mats! It was an odd experience having to walk, I couldn’t even have managed a jog with my knee – yet I knew on a good day uninjured I would have been flying past all these people… But this soon wore off and I just resigned myself to walking. The 1k marker came up pretty quickly, but without my Garmin I had no idea how long it really took – and it would turn out I was in for the long haul in this race! Along Chester road I was overtaken by a caterpillar and accosted by a mad woman shouting “Ray, Ray, Ray!!!” at me – it would later turn out this was someone off Runners’ Forum who had recognised the daffodil outfit but had forgotton I go by the name of Road Runner Rob and not Road Runner Ray 🙂 It was amusing that I just didn’t click at the time!

great manchester run old trafford pics daffodil rob

Towards old Trafford I decided I needed to use the loo, so looked out for the portaloos – there were some of those weird public urinal things, but decorum insisted that I didn’t stand at one of those as I would have to pull down my tights, skirt, shorts and underpants in public, so I waited for a cubicle. I have never “been” in a race before, so it was another novel experience! So much so I would avail myself again later! This was becoming more like a leisurely sunday walk than anything else, particularly so as the runners thinned out and the roads were sparsely populated. At the 5k drinks station I asked if they had Baby Bio for me but am not sure if they got the joke – and then at the 5k timing mats my sister texted me to ask what time I had finished in 😆

At about 7k Bats off RF started texting me encouragement and said he would wait at the end for me. Poor soul had a long wait but his e-cheerleading text service was appreciated! I gave the showers a miss! And then it was the final walk down towards the finish. I joked with a couple of people proferring vaseline coated rubber-gloved fingers, that although it may look like it, I wouldn’t be welcoming of such attentions – and then finally into the finishing straight, which although less populated than it would have been earlier in the race, still had a good crowd showing – the good thing was I had it more or less to myself, so raised my hands, waved to the crowd, and even managed a flowery little bow as the cameras clicked away, and even got my name announced by the commentator as I crossed the line waving my petals about.

after great Manchester run 2010 picture - courtesy of bats

Then I met Bats briefly, before going home to get changed, then going back to catch some of the Great City Games and hooking up with Bats again – both of us ending up on the telly as two shady looking characters standing in a doorway.

So no PB, not even a run – but in a way probably one of the best things I have ever done. You just have to take what you’ve got and do your best with it, is my philosophy. And so I had a ball and wandered lonely as a daffodil 🙂

Here are the pics – I will post the video of my Great Manchester Run finish in a subsequent post!

With thanks to Liz, Rachel(s), Janine, Neil, Dawn, Dave (bats), the mad woman, Ray (whoever he is) and the entire daffodil support team 😀 Oh and my time? 01:45:50 ➡