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5 Mile Evening Run Along the Sea Front – 52 mins

Posted on Jul 31, 2011 under 5 miles, Lancing Runs, Regular Runs, Slow Runs | No Comment

Not run since last Sunday and had a bit of a hectic week and staying in Lancing for the weekend.

Wanted a nice gentle run along the sea front, felt Ok at first but soon started to wilt in the direct sunlight even though I’d left it till gone 6PM and was running ever so slowly, drank 750ml of water en route… got to 3k out towards Shoreham and turned back, and had to run walk, didn’t feel quite right all the way – may have just been a bit of rust due to not running all week, hopefully cobwebs will be gone by next run. Legs felt OK and no sign of little niggle I had after intervals session last Sunday.

Maybe that salt in the sea air makes it harder! Lol, now I will have to get used to the traffic fumes of urban Manchester again upon my return!

Hot and Sunny – but very windy – 5 miles along the seafront.

Posted on Jul 09, 2011 under 5 miles, Lancing Runs, Regular Runs | 2 Comments

Not much time for a report as fear I have heartache to deal with… However managed a 5 miler along Lancing seafront, towards Shoreham, wind was behind me for 2.5 miles but when I turned back had to run into a fierce headwind, which kept me cool, but was hard work running into!

Was really glad of the endorphins afterwards!

My First Seaside Run – 5 miles along the Lancing shorefront.

Posted on Jun 26, 2011 under 5 miles, Lancing Runs, Long Runs | 1 Comment

5 Miles along the Lancing coast – from girlfriend’s house in Lancing to Worthing Pier, and back again.

Very, very hot – look forward to running City of Manchester 10k in the overcast rainy conditions of Manchester, my southern-based warm weather training could pay off – was a scorcher, had to walk, but at least didn’t blow up like my last run. Will try to squeeze in a few jogs this week in preparation for the race, maybe the enforced rest lately could be an advantage 😀