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5k in the cold and dark – first run back in a very slow 36:28

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Tried to run in the week, but had to come back in as it was far too slippery. Missed both SRC runs due to work or ice, so was nice to get out and just run, even though it was raining, cold, and a few bits of slushy ice still about (it always reminds me of the sugar at the bottom of my weetabix bowl for some reason).

Just a jog really, very slow, but didn’t get puffed out after 10 days off, and no hamstring twangs, though I would be surprised if anything could twang going at the sedate a pace! Onwards and upwards, again!

A meagre 2.5k run with leg still not happy…

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10 days or so since I went to the sweatshop Hyde 5k group, leg flared on weightbearing somewhat after that so decided not to run.

Have opted into the Halloween run this Weds, as would like to have a bit of fun in fancy dress. The plan was to go swimming today but the school hols somewhat messed up that plan as the pool was closing in 10 minutes when I got there.

So decided to do a short run, and see how my leg was holding up – was aware of discomfort in the lower right leg as usual after the first step, and it was present all the way through the run, despite going at the meagre pace of 7 mins or slower per km. Felt fine fitness wise but really not sure what is wrong with leg now, it’s been 2 months since Salford 10k, have rested up for weeks at a time, but this problem isn’t going away – just hope it’s not another winter of no running as visits to the pool could be costly!!

4k Loosener – Not too bad at all!

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Just a quick 4k loosener – set off feeling good and strong, after a couple of km the pace picked up and I was running under 6 mins per km quite comfortably, eased off the pedal then but felt like my high mileage followed by some days of walking to recover, has done me some good!

Bad Run – 3 miles in 34 minutes

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First run since the club run on Monday, didn’t seem to benefit much from 3 rest days! Set off and felt OK, could feel my back twinge now and then but more an awareness of pain than agony. Took it very, very easy, but by 2k was pouring with sweat and feeling sapped of energy. Stopped a few times and had to force myself to make up 3 miles, which I stopped near Morrisons and went inside to cool off near the fish counter. Felt very warm!

Still, probably a bit warmer than usual, and today is the 5 year anniversary of my dad dying, so it’s all relative, will probably bounce back next run! 🙂

Easy 5k Run on bit of a Muggy sunny evening to end a cutback week – 33:23

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I like the term muggy sunny, from the poem Corson’s Inlet by A.R.Ammons, so thought I would borrow if for today’s running blog post title!

Not a huge amount to report. This was first run back since my adventures on Wednesday, I had been a little apprehensive about how my back would respond to me pounding pavements without the mid-run endorphins and adrenaline that had been in my system when I fell on my arse that day… It had been a bit tender the day after but otherwise seemed ok, just the odd mild jolt jumping off buses.

I started a bit gingerly but it wasn’t really any trouble, was going pretty slowly anyway. Started to get quite warm and puffy towards the end of the run despite taking it very easy, and at one point there was a bit of a twinge on my left knee, but all in all felt Ok and back was no trouble.

After 3 or so weeks of increasing mileage I’ve cut back by about 5 miles this week, with just a couple of easy runs and the hard club run in the middle. Hope to go to the club on Monday but will see how I feel. I need to let my body reap the benefits of recent hard running and mileage before I pile more demands on it!

Running From the shadows… Gentle Evening Jog, 5.1km 33:43

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Not been having too good of a time lately, quite a few plans have fallen through, a few people have let me down, and my financial security is buggered, to put it mildly, so I have not been feeling myself. I was supposed to go to the Sweatshop club today but didn’t feel upto it, after having about half an hour’s sleep last night and feeling shattered, so instead I went to my sister’s for a bit and was cheered up my my great nephew’s antics – and when I got home it was a pleasant sunny evening so just did a very gentle 5k jog, which even though it was nice and easy paced at around 6:30 per km, did have a nice little mood improving effect proving that even mild exercise can have positive effects on mental health and outlook.

I think for the time being I need to keep running in my mental health toolkit, I’d rather be able to jog a gentle 5k every day than start pushing for times etc. I might go to Weds sweatshop group, reserving the right to pull out if the pace is too fast, though I think that first time was just a bad run, we all have them – in life and in running 🙂

4k Easy Recovery Run

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Just a gentle trot but very humid.

Nice and easy 5k Recovery Run on a warm summer’s evening – 35 mins

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Just a nice easy 5k run, first km in 7 minutes and ran as slowly as humanly possible, even had to obey the Garmin a few times when I strayed under 6:20 per km, got quite hot and sweaty but the weather has been warm for a change and the sun was out!

5k Recovery Run in the Evening Sun

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Had a bit of DOMS after the longish trail run with the Sweatshop Running community group on Monday, and some stiffness in my ankles, so wanted to do a very easy recovery run just to shake out my legs and ease them out of their complaining attitude!

Also decided to start breaking in one of my new pair of Adidas Supernova Glide 3s as my pair from Monday were still rather wet! And decided to start a spreadsheet so I can keep track of my trainer use, as I am sure I have been making errors in the amount of running I have been doing in each pair, and need to make sure I get at least 4-500 miles out of my shoes if I can in a budget challenged situation!

Set off and could tell I had new shoes on, but at the easy pace it wasn’t a problem. I had the Garmin set to warn me if I went quicker than 6:20 per km, as I really didn’t want to do anything strenuous on this run, and run very easy, and in fact had to speed up a little early on just to make sure the warning was working! Thereafer I did speed up unconsciously a few times, the Garmin warned me, and I was obedient to the technology!

The hills got me a little bit puffy, but in general I felt fine and at this pace (average 6:50 per k) it really was a nice gently easy run. Finished in 34:08 and breathing was almost baseline, and hardly broke a sweat 🙂 Will try to factor in more of these easy runs!

Next stop a 5k time trial!

Nice Easy 5k Run in the Rain – 31:58

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Not much to say about this run really! Was pouring when I left the house, and was determined to just run a very easy 5k after struggling on the last couple of runs. Got wet very quickly, and some early hills on the route tried to get me but just took them steady. Splashed through a lot of puddles, and kept the pace down, jogging down to a 5k in 32 minutes, very slow for me, but felt about the right pace, although I had a few bursts of speed.

Hopefully this, and 2 days rest, should see me ok for the “easy” group at the running club on Monday!