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Abysmal Aborted 4.25k

Posted on Jan 08, 2013 under Jogs, Misc, nutrition, Slow Runs | No Comment

Had a bit of a duvet day today, reading psych texts in bed, but decided to go out for a run…

Felt slowish at first, then picked up some pace, plan was to do about 5 miles, or at least 5k. Got to Mill Lane, was going to loop back along Hyde Road to home, but suddenly felt my energy levels drop through the floor and had to stop, was all I could do to walk to the nearest bus stop and jump on the 201 back to Denton, felt quite ill, but knew it was just because I had not fuelled properly and had low blood sugar, has happened before, must watch that, but didn’t think it would be too bad on a shorter run, mind you has occasionally happened walking, just a matter of eating too much crappy white toast and nothing decent all day 🙁

Definitely need to get some Savers porridge in, or take some malt loaf wrapped up in my pocket for on the run snacking!

A Strugglesome 6k in 40:08

Posted on Jan 18, 2012 under 5-10k, nutrition, Regular Runs, Slow Runs | No Comment

As the deadline looms for my latest Uni assignment I have been putting the finishing touches to it and have developed a sort of tunnel vision, in order to fully concentrate on getting it done. Unfortunately this means I have not been eating quite as well as I might normally – been snacking quite a bit today and having forgotten to eat something in between frantic research, ended up eating a chocolate bar…

All of which was not good for my run, I knew I wanted to get a run in to clear my head after a day handcuffed to the laptop, and felt OK as I got out into the cold and set off. Felt fine for a couple of kilometres and then started to just sense that something wasn’t quite right. I had a plan of doing 7k in my head, but by the time I got to 4k I was starting to get really puffy and feel very hungry. I had to stop and walk a few times, and did consider trying to get through to 7k by hook or by crook. I revised this down to 4 miles but as I was going to pass my house on reaching 6k, with cupboards full of food, I decided to call it a day and settle for the 6k.

Felt fairly puffed out and tired from the run, but knew it was down to not having eaten properly, so will try not to make that mistake again!