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My running is currently a SNAFU!

Posted on Feb 16, 2013 under 3k, Injuries, Jogs, Slow Runs | No Comment

After my last entry, I managed to get back to the Sweatshop Running Community in Hyde and run a full 10k as backmarker, gathering pace at the end (as far as I gather pace these days) and while I was vaguely aware towards the end of the hamstring, it was fine and had no further sensations.

Next day was fine, until suddenly I was walking down the street and it kind of popped again. Rest up for several days, tried to run 2 miles at a very slow 12 minute mile jog, and it was popping horrendously by the end end so I had to give up.

Took about 2 weeks off, during a time that was so stressy I really really needed some exercise, and then went out tonight, ran a very sedate pace, but by the end of 2 miles my left leg was not happy all over again.

Really don’t know what to do, if two weeks total rest from running doesn’t seem to have helped, where do I go from here? No, I can’t afford physios etc. 🙁 What I don’t get is after the initial trauma, it wasn’t long before I was back running, didn’t seem to have any problems, now I’m resting for 2 weeks and can’t get through 2 miles at a very slow pace…

Have tried massaging and stretching in the meantime, doesn’t seem to have helped.

A meagre 2.5k run with leg still not happy…

Posted on Oct 29, 2012 under 3k, Easy Runs, Injuries, Jogs, Slow Runs | No Comment

10 days or so since I went to the sweatshop Hyde 5k group, leg flared on weightbearing somewhat after that so decided not to run.

Have opted into the Halloween run this Weds, as would like to have a bit of fun in fancy dress. The plan was to go swimming today but the school hols somewhat messed up that plan as the pool was closing in 10 minutes when I got there.

So decided to do a short run, and see how my leg was holding up – was aware of discomfort in the lower right leg as usual after the first step, and it was present all the way through the run, despite going at the meagre pace of 7 mins or slower per km. Felt fine fitness wise but really not sure what is wrong with leg now, it’s been 2 months since Salford 10k, have rested up for weeks at a time, but this problem isn’t going away – just hope it’s not another winter of no running as visits to the pool could be costly!!

Suicidal Run in the Sun!

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Blazing hot 26 degree heat, but it looked nice and breezy and felt kind of cool in my house and garden. Not unbearable at all, so thought a nice easy 5k would be the ideal first run back out since the Great Manchester Run last week.

Took my baseball cap out and tightened it so it wouldn’t blow off in the breeze, and set off. Felt a bit rusty for the first km, then started to feel really good and upped the pace feeling really strong and motoring, but that lasted all of about 1km (which I ran in a suicidal 5:44), half a km later I cam to an incline and had to stop to walk up it, then couldn’t really get going much again. Wanted to at least run a last km, but by the time I’d done half of one was pouring with sweat, felt like I might set on fire I felt so hot, and was really feeling like I’d be better off calling it quits.

I think the next time I have an evening out planned, and the weather is like this, it will be safer to skip the run and save it for a time closer to sundown when the evening cool is settling in a little bit. Still, a bit of warm weather training might have helped. Can’t believe I ran a 53 minute 10k in this sort of weather at The City of Manchester 10k last year, still that was a bit earlier in the day!

A Very Wobbly 3k – 25 minutes

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Been feeling pretty tired for a couple of days, thought a run would blow the cobwebs away, realised it was getting late in the day but thought a very gentle jog wouldn’t be too hard on me, especially as I want to be very careful with the calf for a while yet.

Set off and seemed to take ages to get a signal on the Garmin, there were some youths around generally being a bit annoying so headed in a different direction, went very slowly and managed to run the first km all run in about 7 mins 30 – very slow! Did some walking and stretching of the calf to check it was ok, then set off again, and did another very slow km. At this point was starting to feel a bit lousy and felt I’d probably not eaten enough earlier in the day, though I had weetabix a couple of hours before the run. Took some walk breaks and just wanted to get up to 3k, but it was a struggle in the end, the time between 2.95k and 3k seemed to be an eternity and my body was screaming out for sugar or fuel of some kind.

Got in and gorged myself on breakfast biscuit things and then biscuits and then golden syrup on bread and finally started to feel back to normal. Probably not the best post run snacks but I was feeling really dizzy and needed quick sugar!

The good news is, there was no pain in the calf, and managed 3k mostly run, so that’s a good sign!

Hmmm, 3k loosener in 20 mins and struggled!

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Not sure what has happened to my form, but the race last week didn’t go according to plan, and I thought I’d just put in a very easy loosener to shake any bits of rust off my legs. Lower legs felt a bit niggly, not sure if it’s the older trainers I was running in, but in any case although I felt OK to begin with at 2k I walked for a bit and then jogged very very slowly to make up another km and still felt very hot and puffed out….

I think targeting anything quicker than sub 55 at the City of Salford 10k is going to lead to potential disappointment, so I’ll set myself the goal of getting around in 55 and anything else will be a bonus!

2 Miles – Playing Chicken With The Riot Squad…

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Not run for a while due to extreme business and a 24 hour stomach bug thing – so had to force myself out into what was a chilly but very sunny early afternoon. Set off a bit quick but then settled into a steady pace, aware that my Garmin had gone down to two pips of battery level and sometimes it cuts out shortly after that.

However it did stay alive until the end, although it freaked out near the end. I was going to do 2 miles, and was coming up to 3k, when the display jumped back quite a bit. This tied in with the moment I saw a bit of a commotion ahead. There was a tactical Aid Unit police van outside a house with about a dozen officers in riot gear holding shields, hammers, axes and various other tools. I made a beeline for them, and then realised there was no room on the pavement for both me, and them, and their bags of equipment, and I was running straight towards this 7 foot tall bloke in a crash helmet holding a huge deadly looking mallet thing… At the last moment he stepped out of the way, I acknowledged this with a “Cheers, mate”, and just kept on running in the hope they didn’t mistake me for whatever poor sod they were about to descend upon… 😆

Garmin said I did last km in 7:30 which was obviously wrong so it definitely freaked out… so I just approximated the distance in the end. Felt good to be running again.

A 3k Comeback!

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Yet another comeback run, this one consisting of 3k in the pouring rain. Had been 2 weeks since my last run and my cold seems to have largely gone away – with busy times coming up, and the running habit not entrenched into my schedule, I thought I’d better bite the bullet and at least get out there for 20 minutes.

Was puffing hard after half a k and getting very wet, but that helped me keep cool. I did feel very rusty especially in the lungs, but they’ve been battered by the viruses lately so was to be expected. I managed to hold on and complete a short run that was satisfying just because I’d got out there, not let the rain put me off, and achieved my modest target.

Hopefully that will be the end of my colds for the time being, and I can think about the Salford 10k perhaps – though with only a couple of months to go, I might be better off looking at the ones closer to home later in the summer, especially as finances are an issue 🙁