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3 Mile Recovery Run – deliberately slow paced and hurt like hell!

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After yesterday’s exploits with the Hyde SRC crew, I thought I would try a recovery run. Must say I am in awe of those who went on the runs yesterday having done tough races on Sunday. Personally I think I would have put my feet up 🙂

Anyway, I decided to go out and run a very slow 5k, and it hurt like hell. Was ok to start with, but by 3k I was feeling very hot, very heavy legged, and quite miserable! Had to walk in a few spots, even going at the slowest pace I could muster felt like running through treacle into a brick wall. Hung on for 3 miles and virtually melted in a heap!

I think the recovery run is a bit misnamed, as rather than help recovery, one running coach has the theory that recovery runs are more about a complex set of operations between the brain and muscles. By running in a pre-fatigued state from the workout from the day before, the brain and muscles have to find a way to adapt to run more efficiently, and so a recovery run increases the gains from a harder workout.

This run certainly hurt, but knowing I was in a pre-fatigued state makes me feel much better about it, I will now have a couple of recovery days before attempting a long run on Friday.

4k Easy Recovery Run

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Just a gentle trot but very humid.

Nice and easy 5k Recovery Run on a warm summer’s evening – 35 mins

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Just a nice easy 5k run, first km in 7 minutes and ran as slowly as humanly possible, even had to obey the Garmin a few times when I strayed under 6:20 per km, got quite hot and sweaty but the weather has been warm for a change and the sun was out!

5k Recovery Run in the Evening Sun

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Had a bit of DOMS after the longish trail run with the Sweatshop Running community group on Monday, and some stiffness in my ankles, so wanted to do a very easy recovery run just to shake out my legs and ease them out of their complaining attitude!

Also decided to start breaking in one of my new pair of Adidas Supernova Glide 3s as my pair from Monday were still rather wet! And decided to start a spreadsheet so I can keep track of my trainer use, as I am sure I have been making errors in the amount of running I have been doing in each pair, and need to make sure I get at least 4-500 miles out of my shoes if I can in a budget challenged situation!

Set off and could tell I had new shoes on, but at the easy pace it wasn’t a problem. I had the Garmin set to warn me if I went quicker than 6:20 per km, as I really didn’t want to do anything strenuous on this run, and run very easy, and in fact had to speed up a little early on just to make sure the warning was working! Thereafer I did speed up unconsciously a few times, the Garmin warned me, and I was obedient to the technology!

The hills got me a little bit puffy, but in general I felt fine and at this pace (average 6:50 per k) it really was a nice gently easy run. Finished in 34:08 and breathing was almost baseline, and hardly broke a sweat 🙂 Will try to factor in more of these easy runs!

Next stop a 5k time trial!

Struggled on first run back since We Love Manchester 10k!

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After last week’s exploits at the Manchester Regional Athletics stadium at Eastlands/Etihad Campus, and my season’s best, I had a bit of a break from running, not least because I spent a few days walking and generally bumming around in North Wales.

With a week gone by, decided it was time to get out and run again, and as I set off and felt comfortable, my body seemed to agree – but not for long! I thought I was motoring along at a fair pace but the Garmin ticked the first km in 6:30 and the next in 6:03 and that was about as quick as it got. I had planned a gentle 5 miles but by 4k I was really starting to struggle, felt heavy legged, and felt my energy draining away very quickly, accompanied by a craving for food. I had eaten toast for breakfast but maybe porridge would have been better, it might take a few runs to get back into the running habit!

Not sure about venturing out to the running club midweek on this performance – I might end up holding them all back again, if I’m to go to the faster group I at least want to feel confident I can hold a pace of under 5:30 for 5 or 6 miles, will see!

Hmmm, 3k loosener in 20 mins and struggled!

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Not sure what has happened to my form, but the race last week didn’t go according to plan, and I thought I’d just put in a very easy loosener to shake any bits of rust off my legs. Lower legs felt a bit niggly, not sure if it’s the older trainers I was running in, but in any case although I felt OK to begin with at 2k I walked for a bit and then jogged very very slowly to make up another km and still felt very hot and puffed out….

I think targeting anything quicker than sub 55 at the City of Salford 10k is going to lead to potential disappointment, so I’ll set myself the goal of getting around in 55 and anything else will be a bonus!

Recovery Run FAIL – Humidity got me! 5k in 31 mins

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Felt nice and fresh after 5 days off running since my half marathon effort last weekend, so wanted to get out again and thought a nice 5 miler with some pace thrown in, during the latter stages, would be quite nice…

Felt OK at 1k, and increased the pace, by 2k I was starting to heat up and sweat but the sweat wasn’t going anywhere. Had to stop at 3k and realised there was no way I would be running 5 miles today – it was humid and I couldn’t breathe comfortably…

Walking across a road in the last KM, a friendl chap said I would need to quicken up to miss the coming rain, and I said I needed it to cool down – he laughed and said he was sweating just watching me, and as I ran off he shouted “See ya kiddo…” I really love being called kiddo at my age, lol 🙂

Anyway I did put a burst of speed on but then felt totally trashed and took a long time to recover, my left foot was soaked in blood from a toenail digging in too…

Will see about a run on Sunday, guess I will still be tired after the long long run last week!

5k Easy Run – 28:51

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Just a 5k run at a nice leisurely pace, sort of a recovery run as well after Monday’s long run, my legs felt a bit stiff at first but soon got into it and felt ok through the run, just keeping to a nice pace and although I slowed at the end ran the last km in 5:30 quite comfortably, which is sub 55 10k pace, at a jog, so I think the legs are starting to move quicker with less effort thanks to the recent training

Some more intervals on Sunday I think! 😀

4.6k Recovery Run – 25:30

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5k recovery run just to uncrease the legs from the Park Run.

5k Recovery Run – 29 mins

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Been feeling a bit tired since the Park Run episode on Saturday (not least because I was up a lot earlier than usual for me!!)

So, went for a nice gentle paced recovery run, and it felt a bit tough after a few k – but that was to be expected as it was afterall the definition of a recovery run is to recover from something, I think – and it seemed to help.