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5k Easy Run – 31 minutes

Posted on May 03, 2009 under 5k, Coaching, Easy Runs, Jogs | No Comment

Easy run as part of training run with Laura Jane. She did about 2.5k, then I went off and did a slightly faster 2.5 to make up a 3 miler. Struggled a bit at the end, yesterday’s long run still in the legs and lungs!

6k mix up of hard and easy.

Posted on Apr 29, 2009 under 5-10k, Coaching, Easy Runs, The Mile, Time Trials | No Comment

Was due a training run with my niece, so I ran an easyish mile to her house, and then took her out for an easy couple of k, which was enough for her, although she had a sprint finish with me for a bit of fun and demonstrated amazing natural speed – I fear for my pride if she keeps it up!

Ran the mile back to my place as hard as I could and ended up with a one mile PB of 7:25 🙂