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A slightly quicker 4k in the cold November sun

Posted on Nov 06, 2011 under Easy Runs, Regular Runs, Slow Runs, Swimming | No Comment

Well I am slowly on the comeback trail at a rate of 2.5 miles a week at the moment! Have been swimming during the week, as after last week’s run, gosh, did I know I had legs – talk about aches! Took several days to walk easy again! A 50 length swim session helped, and doing front crawl is helping with the cardiovascular fitness I think, or at least maintaining what the runs do without further impact on the legs.

Today it seemed pretty cold albeit sunny so put on the jogging pants for the first time with my long sleeve technical top. There was certainly a nip in the air and I could smell smoke from the fireworks of the night before! Once the Garmin picked up a signal I set off and maintained a steady pace, oddly enough running past the same lady and dog as last week, in the same place, though this time it left me alone!

Was breathing hard at 1k and rather than go out of my comfort area I kept a slow pace and also circled through streets to keep close to home. At 2k I was still going, and after deciding to do 2 miles and see how I felt, I started to envisage doing 4k. At 2.6k I took a bit of a walk break to cross a road, and then another when a car blocked the pavement, but apart from that there was much less walking than last week, and I didn’t feel quite as dead when I finished. I pretty much ran the last KM, and clocked the 4k in 26:09, so a minute quicker than last week.

I hope the aches and pains go away more quickly this time too!!!!!

5k Leisurely Evening Run – 29:48

Posted on Jul 13, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Cross Training, Easy Runs, Trail Running | No Comment

Been a hectic week since I returned north – so just a nice easy 5k through road and trails to get my lungs used to the Manchester air again!

When I got back did some gardening, mowed the lawn, and chopped/sawed down an overgrown tree in the garden – so I guess I can say I did some cross training as well 🙂

A brief update from the comeback trail!

Posted on Aug 25, 2010 under Injuries, Milestones, News, Swimming | No Comment

Well it’s been a while but I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth! I’ve just not been keen on updating the running blog everytime I’ve run a couple of k’s – hardly seems worth the trouble!

Still, I have managed to keep running with no re-injury problems so far, fingers crossed. It has been proving quite hard to claw the fitness back but I am slowly getting there, increasing the distance in very small increments.

I am now up to the grand old distance of two miles. I ran this last week in 19:43, and then this Sunday just gone, I went out and ran the 2 miles in 18:56 – so my speed and endurance are very slowly coming back and the plan is to persist with the gradualism and not try to do too much too soon.

I have also been swimming on and off, though my discipline for getting to the pool isn’t great at the moment, what with all the kids throwing beach balls around and being annoying.

Onwards and upwards!!

Cross Training – 80 Lengths breastroke and freestyle

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Seeing as swimming now forms part of my training schedule, I thought I would start to include details here. This was a lunchtime session, so it was mainly pensioners in the pool, and was reasonably OK.

Going to the afternoon/evening sessions can be a nightmare with young kids floating about all over the place, dads throwing their sons half way across the pool, and games of water volleyball that keep moving around and getting in one’s way – freestyle doesn’t have the best forward visibility and it can a royal pain bumping into people.

If it happens again I will post funny anecdotes about it.

But anyway, did about 2/3 of this breastroke and the rest freestyle, the freestyle does get tough still but feels like a good workout.