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Easy ish club run that ended with a bit of Mo Mania! 10.25k

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Another Monday, and time to head out to the Sweatshop Running Community again! Was a nice day but threatened rain when I set off, and my plan was to run very easy after struggling last week, since the hard run on Monday.

The best laid plans often change though, I set off slowly and tried to keep my pace down but still ended up near the front, though was mindful not to try to keep up with the very front runners until I had got properly warmed up. Quite a few people had raced at the weekend and were taking it easy, so I just jogged along for a while, and we had fun going the wrong way and then having to catch up, which was fun!

Once we got into the run I started to pick up pace and kept nearer the front, I find these runs are more fartlek than anything for me, as I seem to get a real mix of pace from easy to tempo to sprinting with the odd rest stop and on this route some hills, so I suppose it’s good for going through different heart rate zones, not that I measure such things!

When we got to Mill Lane we were given a choice of going through the woods or the quicker route back to base, I elected to go the longer way, aware that this involved the steps and a fair few big hills at the climax! As I had been running quicker in bursts, I started to feel this extra distance and fell back a little at times, conserving my energy, but maintaining form, and gritting my teeth!

The last 3 hills up to Church Street (I think it’s called, there always seem to be church bells ringing when I run up those three big slopes, or maybe it’s just my heart hammering in my ears!) were very tough, and a few people pulled away from me, I felt I had nothing left and was really gasping, my legs turning to rubber, and I honestly felt I might die any second. Then as we crested the hill and reached flat ground, I had my moment of what must have been Mo Mania, as I just couldn’t resist accelerating and sprinting the last 2 or 3 hundred yards and seemed to find this burst of energy out of nowhere! One of the top runners came pelting past me and I worked really hard to stay in touch, even though the pain was excruciating by this point, real oxygen debt spreading through my body. Got a tap on the arm from the coach and a well done, which was nice, and I think those sorts of finishes on runs are really going to pay dividends in the last stages of the City of Salford 10k, I could perhaps knock half a minute off going at that pace, which might make all the difference to a PB one day!

Need an easy run and a longer run this week. The good news is the niggles that I felt at last Monday’s run and the day after have disappeared, so the few days off seem to have had the desired effect!

Thanks again to everyone at SRC, is really fun running with you all 🙂

Impromptu 4k Fartlek! 24:38

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Last run before the Great Manchester Run 2012! Planned a very easy 4k, but having had some emotional tension lately that seemed to find its way into my legs and when I found myself going too quick, I slowed down, then decided to just mix up the pace a little, running at 5:30 per km, then over 6 mins per km, and not pushing too hard, so it turned into a bit of a fartlek session really!

Felt a bit strained towards the end so just jogged a very slow last km, not needing any heroics before Sunday. Check the time and my wave doesn’t go off till just before 11 so won’t be a dramatically early start, and can always shift myself into the Blue Wave if I end up running a bit late – however the wave assembly start times are usually for those wanting to get near the front and I am not so bothered about that – more people to overtake, ha ha!!!!

Wish me luck!

5 Mile Fartlek Session – 45 mins – Not Bad!

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Loosely a Fartlek session, started off with couple of K’s easy, then did a flat out k in 4:33 after which needed a walk break, then jogged along for a k, then did another faster one on a whim, at 4:54, then jogged some more as it started to pour down with rain and the thunder and lightning started up which was cool, I showered as I ran under overflowing drainpipes, and decided to speed up for a last burst, which was slower at 5:10 but I was getting tired.

I can see how intervals/fartlek could really help at training the body to run at high intensity for short periods, then put these all together in a race, so I will be doing more of this after the Moonraker 10k on Sunday.

Fartlek Session that went wrong – 5k 28 mins

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Failed Fartlek session – felt Ok to start with but first fast k did me in completely, never really got going and cut it short, felt far too hot by the end – was a very hot day and it was hottest part of the day, though I did pass a guy in a woolly hat so either he’s mad or I am!

8k Fartlek – cold day – 43:05

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My first experiment with the world of fartlek!  Not sure if I get the concept fully, but since it is supposed to be flexible, doing intervals of 1k appealed to me as I could then measure my relative speeds for running and jogging on the Garmin.

Did a couple of k warmup then launched into the first hard k – struggled a bit and was only just under a 5 minute split, and was ready to give up!  But jogged the next k and then did a slightly faster one, before jogging again then blasting a 4:36 split which is getting into the realms of serious speed for me 😆  Then jogged a very slow cool down.

In all an interesting experience and certainly felt my body being surprised as I am used to running at a fairly even pace or accelerating gradually over the course of a run.  So will repeat again as am sure this will help in improving my 10k performance 😎



Best pace 3:54/k