A Pleasant but sweaty 5k Jog in the evening sunshine

Posted on May 29, 2012 under 5k, Easy Runs, Jogs | No Comment

Having seen my counselling clients this afternoon, and written up my notes, felt like getting out into the evening sunshine for a little run to see if I actually still could run at all, after the weekend’s apocalypic performance in the roasting heat.

Not sure if it was the time of day that made a difference, or the fact that the previous run had acclimatised me a little, as it was still hot, but I found it a lot easier going. Set off at a very easy pace and generally kept this to about 6.15 per km, so quite sedate, chose a slightly new route by heading towards Hyde, then down Mill Lane, but avoided the massive hill and ran up through the estate instead which is a much more gentle incline, though it was still an incline, making it a bit of a hilly jog in places!

Felt fine at 3k and even powered up a stretch of hill, then felt good enough to run the last kilometer at a fair old pace, completing it in 5:43. Was pretty hot by this point and if I was going to run any further I would need to use sunblock or consider starting at about 8pm!

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