Easy 5k Run on bit of a Muggy sunny evening to end a cutback week – 33:23

Posted on Aug 04, 2012 under 5k, Easy Runs, Jogs | No Comment

I like the term muggy sunny, from the poem Corson’s Inlet by A.R.Ammons, so thought I would borrow if for today’s running blog post title!

Not a huge amount to report. This was first run back since my adventures on Wednesday, I had been a little apprehensive about how my back would respond to me pounding pavements without the mid-run endorphins and adrenaline that had been in my system when I fell on my arse that day… It had been a bit tender the day after but otherwise seemed ok, just the odd mild jolt jumping off buses.

I started a bit gingerly but it wasn’t really any trouble, was going pretty slowly anyway. Started to get quite warm and puffy towards the end of the run despite taking it very easy, and at one point there was a bit of a twinge on my left knee, but all in all felt Ok and back was no trouble.

After 3 or so weeks of increasing mileage I’ve cut back by about 5 miles this week, with just a couple of easy runs and the hard club run in the middle. Hope to go to the club on Monday but will see how I feel. I need to let my body reap the benefits of recent hard running and mileage before I pile more demands on it!

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