5k Run With Hyde Sweatshop Running Community – 8.3km

Posted on Oct 17, 2012 under 5-10k, Club Runs | No Comment

Had a free evening so decided to head to the Sweatshop Hyde running group. I hasten to add, the 5k group, not the speedy 10k lot – not just yet, anyway!

Decided to jog to the shop as a bit of a warmup, and saw one of the crew in his car, he joked I would get there before him with the traffic!

Felt a bit strange arriving for the 5k, but saw a few familiar faces from the Ron Hill run on Sunday, and then we were off, I tried to take it steady but then felt comfortable and sped up a little, and after the first hill, and a bit of a stop, kept up with the front runners for a while. It was quite challenging in places with the hills, and we were “encouraged” to run back to meet up with the back markers at a number of points, which resulted in running nearly 6k in the end and doing a few of the uphills twice!

I felt good and was able to sustain a good pace right at the end, though I felt my hamstring protest a little. Didn’t feel too bad at all on the hills and felt strong all in all. So with the 2.5k to the shop, and the 5.8km group run, I managed to do a shade over 5 miles, which is pretty good going considering the time I’ve had to take off lately!

My leg did feel a little niggly still, so will see how it responds, but there was no real pain after the run, just a sense that I need to be careful with it!

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