Sunny Intervals Turning out a little slower…

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Had a quiet day and wanted a training session I could squeeze into a short space for maximum benefit, so intervals it was! Weather was hot and sunny with a little wind, decided to break in the new Adidas Supernova Glide 3s, as I plan to race in them in August, but know that racing in brand new shoes is sometimes not a good idea!

Did a 2k warmup, then set off on the first of the 5*800m intervals on the same route I did my intervals last week. For some ridiculous reason, although I set off at a point further back, I was still going long past the point where I finished the first 800m interval last time, and felt I was going pretty fast, but ended up with a 4:21 opener which was a bit strange, reckon it was more like 900m that one! The second one was the only one I managed to run at target pace, but it felt like I was sprinting hard and did have a bit of a downhill – and I think it did me in as I slowed right down after that.

It panned out thus:


And I felt quite knackered by the end! Am a bit concerned that I am running my intervals way slower (30 seconds plus) than I have ever run intervals before. I did figure that this was at the end of my highest mileage week in a while (15.86 miles) which mitigates my disappointment a bit – but the days (2010 lol) when I was running 3:19 and and 3:30 800s and moaning about it being too slow seem a long time ago.

Maybe I am just getting old 🙁 Anyway, I will have less running this week due to busy schedule, hopefully next time I can burst out of the blocks and these sessions will pay off with some more speed endurance 😀

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