Sunny Intervals session

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Thought it was about time I did another intervals session to build on recent progress and see if I can improve my running further.

Did a 2k warmup that felt easy paced enough, but was actually 5:25 and 5:20 – so not far off 10k race pace! But it felt sustainable, more like a jog – be interesting to see if I can keep that up in my upcoming Salford 10k race!

Anyway then did 5x800m with the following splits:


Didn’t manage to run any quicker than my last intervals session (apart from the Garmin showing best speed as sub 3 mins/k!!!) but over the 5 intervals my average pace has gone up a notch – and looking at it, I was running at just over 21 minute 5k pace for 4k, even with breaks, this astonishes me a bit, and has me wondering if at some point I will be able to do that over 5k, and sustain it? I also remember easing back on the throttle a bit in the penultimate interval, to save a bit for an all out final effort – and was running 45minute 10k pace fairly comfortably (at least compared to the 4 mins/k all out pace the rest of the intervals were at).

So last intervals session – 4:28/k, this one 4:16/k – definite improvement, and it did hurt, but I felt like I’d worked hard, and am starting to reap some rewards now I’ve upped the training intensity a little bit.

Jogged an easy 1.5k cooldown and could have kept going as still felt fresh 🙂

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