Speedwork in the Blazing Evening Sun

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Figured if I want to run faster 800m intervals, I needed to work on my speed, so decided to do some speedwork in the form of 400m intervals. It was a very hot evening, so didn’t want to be out for too long, nonetheless I was sweltering a bit after the warmup and struggled a bit in the blazing hot sun!

Did 2k warmup followed by 400m*8 with 2 minutes walking recoveries:


It’s hardly surprising that I’ve been struggling to get under 4 minutes for the 800m intervals as I struggled keeping up that kind of pace even over 400m – my average pace was 4:50 per km, odd that I could maintain that pretty much over 10k last year, but am now struggling to keep it going over short intervals, and was flagging by the end of the sprints (though some turned into a jog!)

I guess the positives are that I ran a fairly consistent pace over the 8 intervals, and managed to get my revised target of under 2 minute intervals achieved. I had hoped to try running 1:40 per 400m but after the first one it was clear that wasn’t going to be realistic.

Again, am wondering where my speed has gone – maybe it will come back gradually as I do more intervals and speedwork, one thing I haven’t been doing this year is a lot of 5k tempo/time trial type runs, maybe that could help.

Hopefully all this will pay off with some times as near 50 mins as possible in my 2 10k’s at the end of the month and early september.

As for today, it was hot out there!

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