Second Run With Sweatshop Running Club – Much better outing! 10.6k on trails

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Decided to brave the running club again, but this time the Monday group, which was supposed to be a little easier, though when I got there, I saw a few familiar faces from the faster Wednesday group so I got a bit of a sense of deja vu, though it was nice to chat to people.

Headed out onto exactly the same route as last time, the canal paths were very muddy and I held a silent funeral for my Supernovas as I hit the puddles and prayed my kneed wouldn’t bugger itself with a mistimed slip on some mud. Managed to hold some conversations and found myself right at the front, this time it was me waiting for the back markers and I felt good and strong, even as the run got well underway, and although I was running at tempo pace at times I felt good and just kept tucking into people in front of me.

Towards the end there was a series of hills as before, this time I didn’t need a short cut or an escort, and powered up a particularly nasty hill with no problems, and then on the last stretch the other Rob in the group powered ahead and I rolled up to the shop and we waited for the others to catch up.

Given that some of the people behind me had left me for dead on the last outing, I was quite pleased to have sort of redeemed myself, but the main thing was I felt good and strong and was never struggling, so it seems I have finally got rid of the rust and can look forward to some good running now.

Maybe one of these days I will brave the fast group again and surprise them with my new improved running!

Apparently next Monday we are doing a massive hill session. The hill is massive, that is. I’d better check my diary is clear! 🙂

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