Running From the shadows… Gentle Evening Jog, 5.1km 33:43

Posted on Jul 30, 2012 under 5-10k, 5k, Easy Runs, Jogs | No Comment

Not been having too good of a time lately, quite a few plans have fallen through, a few people have let me down, and my financial security is buggered, to put it mildly, so I have not been feeling myself. I was supposed to go to the Sweatshop club today but didn’t feel upto it, after having about half an hour’s sleep last night and feeling shattered, so instead I went to my sister’s for a bit and was cheered up my my great nephew’s antics – and when I got home it was a pleasant sunny evening so just did a very gentle 5k jog, which even though it was nice and easy paced at around 6:30 per km, did have a nice little mood improving effect proving that even mild exercise can have positive effects on mental health and outlook.

I think for the time being I need to keep running in my mental health toolkit, I’d rather be able to jog a gentle 5k every day than start pushing for times etc. I might go to Weds sweatshop group, reserving the right to pull out if the pace is too fast, though I think that first time was just a bad run, we all have them – in life and in running 🙂

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