Rainy Intervals – Or so I thought!

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It was a very gloomy day today, with some torrential downpours early on. Looked nice and cool, an ideal day for my first intervals session to start putting an edge on to my fitness to hopefully run a sub 50 10k by the end of the summer, as it was intervals that helped me to my sub 50 last year – mind you I think it was trying to do my intervals at too fast a pace (together with trying to run too many one mile time trials) that also led to my injury.

I got my kit on, Garmin at the ready, and headed out without baseball cap, or shades, so dark was it, and just a dash of sun cream on my ears, nose and top of head – as I know I can burn on the cloudiest of days, but figured a dash would be enough for my intervals session.

My legs ached a little on the 2k warmup I did, just did a very easy pace then took a breather. My plan was to try to run just under sub 50 10k pace for 5*800m intervals, so roughly just under 4 minutes per 800m, nothing too ambitious or crazy like the 3:30 800s I was aiming for last year when I ended up injured (a good pace to aim for, but no need to go totally flat out on intervals, it can lead to injury!)

I programmed the Garmin for 3 minute rests, took a few deep breaths, and set off. Probably went a bit quick at first, but not having done intervals lately I had nothing really within recent memory to compare my pace to, I ended up doing the first 800 in 4:05, so not far off my target, but now I was locked into my Garmin intervals, of course the cloud broke and the sun came out, and there was me without my baseball cap, shades, and only a little sun cream! eek!

Did the next 800 quicker, and started to remember just how hard intervals can be. Started to long for the rest periods and by intervals four and five I was fairly shattered and my legs felt a bit rubbery – decided to run the last interval as a bit of a cool down, but ended up doing it in 4:05 despite feeling like I was running through treacle and my lungs had been removed by that point.

So my first 800m intervals session in a very long time looks like this:


Average pace 5:04 per km. That is something I will need to improve on to run a sub 50 10k or even a sub 25 5k, but running consistently under 4 minute pace for each interval is an achievable goal I can set myself in the short term.

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  1. Restless Paul Says:

    Well done rob,you had a good Interval session,looks good,I should do more myself as I would like to go under 50min for 10k,but don’t do any Intervals plenty of stamina for long slow runs though.Lol

    I am sure you wont be far of if you keep them going though. 🙂

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