Phew – 5k in 32:42 with no calf pain!

Posted on Mar 25, 2012 under 5k, Injuries, Jogs | No Comment

My other calf twanged while going up a step last night, so that was a cause for some concern, and before this run I stretched a little to discover some serious tightness in both calves 🙁

With it being a lovely sunny day though, I really wanted to try a run, so I warmed up with some stretching and massaging of the calves, and set off quite tentatively, prepared for an immediate return to base… 100m and was fine, then made 1km, noticed I did it in well under 7 minutes this time so a bit of pace had imperceptibly come back, and I had to make sure not to get cocky and start going too fast. Slowed down a bit and monitored the calves, which were pain free, and the heat that was building up helped to keep me at a reasonable pace. Was hitting the kms in around 6:30 on average which wasn’t bad after the 7 minutes plus efforts of the last run.

Even managed a little uphill stretch, and had to force myself not to try sprinting the last 2 or 3 hundred yards, though I felt good, if sweaty. Hit the 5k mark in 32:42 so a big improvement on the last run without trying too hard, and no pain in the calves while running.

So far so good, just need to make sure I don’t get over confident and start doing intervals and sprints just yet, but if I can work up to a jogged 10k it will at least give me some confidence I can get round the Great Manchester Run, and as for a time, well as long as I can run, I will settle for around the hour mark I think!

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