Nice Evening Sweatshop Community Run – 7 miles ish

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Had missed a few weeks at the Sweatshop group with one thing and another, and, aware of my penchant for running hard, was determined to take it easier with a race coming up on Sunday, and not too convinced of my legs just at the moment!

After the usual chat at the shop and getting the members card stamped, we set off into the trails of the Tame valley, and I settled into a nice slow pace somewhat behind the front runners. Not long into the run I felt a sharp twinge in my right calf, so really took it easy, but it never happened again.

Had a few chats with people and caught up with what people had been upto as we ran though Hulme’s wood towards Stockport Road. Had a bit of a breather there, then we were off up the hill and took it easy up the hill while chatting to a new member. We rested again at the top, and for the next leg I ran at a faster pace with the front runners for a bit, felt good and strong, but only wanted to get some strides in really and test my legs running at pace. My groin/hip was feeling mildly niggly now for some reason (after a week where I only ran 5k, the rest didn’t seem to have done me many favours!).

I took it easy on the way back to Mill lane, and we passed some miniature schnauzers barking at us, then a little dog scared the lady I was running next to, barking its head off. At Mill Lane I decided on the long route through the woods, but ran at the back, really needing the miles but just taking it easy.

By the time we got to the canal I was feeling fine, but there was a runner right at the back, and the others had sped off. I decided to stay with the back runner and offer some support up the hills back the the shop. We got up the hills and then had a little dash for the shop, and all in all felt like a nice run out to keep me loose and enjoy the scenery and company.

It seems niggles might be a feature from now on, but so far they have not turned into injuries. Fingers crossed for Salford then, just a couple of easy trots before then, and we shall see what happens on the day!

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