My First Proper Intervals Session! 3 quick miles!

Posted on Aug 01, 2009 under 5-10k, Intervals, Milestones, Speedwork | No Comment

First really proper intervals session. I have put it off for some time, but once improvements stopped coming with the running training I was doing, it was time to add something new into the mix if I want better times! Decided to try 1 mile intervals to start with, and try to run each sub 7:50, so within sub 50 10k pace.

1 mile easy warmup

3 x 1 mile at:


with 3 minute recoveries

1 mile cool down 9:18

The middle mile felt the most comfortable and was the fastest. Was starting to really feel it by the end of mile three, but the recoveries really helped, although they seemed to tick down quicker and quicker as the run went on!

The 7:34 maintained over 10k would mean a 47.01 10k, even the 7:47 (which was coasting speed really) would be 48:22 so if I can just string together some more sessions like this, add in another interval or 2, do some shorter, faster intervals, then put it all together on race day, that sub 50 is going to be well and truly shattered. I live in hope!!

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