Intervals – some progress!

Posted on Mar 09, 2010 under Intervals, Speedwork | No Comment

First intervals session since last summer. Felt tough but good to push things hard. Set off with a 2k warmup, then set the Garmin for 5x800m with 3 minute walking recoveries. Wasn’t sure how to pace it so went pretty much flat out then adjusted as I felt the pain! The interval splits were:


The slower legs were with the incline at the end. In any case, my two fastest splits would make a 6:36 mile, and the last split was very encouraging, as sooner or later I will need to run sub 3 for 800 if I am going to run a sub 6 mile. But it’s promising to be more or less where I peaked last summer, right at the beginning of the running season as spring starts to wake up the world 🙂

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