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A sedate 5k – 32:16

Posted on Jan 08, 2012 under 5k, Regular Runs | No Comment

Just a quiet Sunday 5k – was dark but didn’t feel all that cold. Had sleeping pill last night as been sleeping atrociously, so may have been a bit of hangover from that, but managed to trot round, no fireworks but a run’s a run!

A soaking wet 5k in 31:13!

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Christmas and New Year seem to have really messed with my sleeping patterns (despite not partying, drinking, staying up, etc – just the change in normal routine has been enough!) and the pre-Christmas cold didn’t help with my running routine either!

So after my aborted attempt on New Year’s Day, I decided I needed to get out there and at least run more than 1.2KM or whatever it was, so I had porridge for early breakfast then hummus on toast and peanut butter for a light lunch, and set off for an early afternoon jog.

Was pouring down to start with so was glad to get going, maintained a steady sedate pace and was soon having to wipe rain out of my stinging eyes. When I got to 3k I was feeling puffy and a bit wobbly but managed to keep going, and ended up doing the 5k in a not altogether too bad 31:13, considering I just plodded along for the most part and the weather was truly awful.

Will no try to maintain a schedule and hopefully the running today will help me sleep later!

Coming Back From A Cold – 5k in 33:03

Posted on Dec 27, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Easy Runs, Health | No Comment

First a cold stopped me dead, only lasted a mere 3-4 days, but running with a cold that was a bit chesty was out of the question, and then all my Christmas gatherings took over. Liz had an injured hip so our run around Tatton Park had been called off anyway (may have been just as well, our get together was delayed as it was when her car battery conked out at Sainsbury’s just before she was due to pick me up!).

In any case, Christmas came and went, and on the day after Boxing Day, decided a few days of bad sleep and fatigue might be helped by getting back to the running, so I went out into the relatively mild evening air and set off at a very sedate pace. Felt good at 1k, but just kept it nice and slow, and by 3k was starting to feel it. Had to hang on a bit for the final half a k and was ready to stop by then, but the enforced break doesn’t seem to have done too much harm and in a few runs time I should be flying again and attacking that 29 minute mark and raising my distance to 10k soon!

5k Tempo Run – 29:18

Posted on Dec 14, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Tempo Runs | No Comment

Bit of a weird run, as on my last 5k outing I was trying to slow down and ran quicker than on this run, where when I felt comfortable I was trying to speed up!

Think the first KM was a bit long, set off with a purpose and ran hard all the way, with the intention of getting sub 29, so felt a bit cheated when I was almost 20 seconds over instead. Ran the first 3 kms all slower than the last 5k, the saving grace was a 5:35 last KM where I was able to put on a consistent burst of faster pace.

Thought I might actually do it when the Garmin said 4.92 with 15 seconds to go, but almost 30 seconds later the Garmin finally bleeped and so did I! Felt good to feel like I was running at a faster pace even if I wasn’t actually going any quicker for most of the run.

Will need to try to fit in another couple of runs this week if possible.

Saw some nice Christmas lights, one had a whole 3D Santa’s Sleigh lit up outside the front of their house.

5k in 29 dead – big improvement!

Posted on Dec 01, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Regular Runs, Tempo Runs | No Comment

Not run since my 4 miler on Sunday, and had a quiet slot this afternoon, so went out for first daytime run in a while.

Seemed pretty cold as I set off, having had to fiddle with Garmin as had somehow got it set on bike/kmph mode without having touched the settings!

Felt I was going a bit quick and the first k ticket over in 6:01 – not far off my fastest pace of late, and I tried to slow it down but ended up putting in consistently under 6 minutes for the next 4k, including a couple of 5:36 kms which is pretty fast for me at this stage so it can be called a tempo run I think! Slowed in the final km as this pace took its tool and it took me a while to recover, but I do seem to be picking up with every run, and hopefully th 2 month layoff won’t have taken off too much fitness, and I definitely feel I am running more comfortably than I was over the summer!

An Up and Downhill 5k with further speed improvement

Posted on Nov 24, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Milestones, Season's Best | No Comment

Am not really going out to try to run faster, but just run how I feel, but seem to be getting a bit quicker on each run. This run was a bit of a different route than of late, taking in a gentle incline and a big downhill before some gradual uphill and downhill running and more uphill with flat to finish. The downhill probably wiped out the uphills, so may have not had much impact on overall time, but ran a little quicker than last 5k and felt fine.

Even overtook one bloke who I caught up with from some distance, mind you he was running with a backpack and was probably running 20 miles but it was a change from being overtaken and felt like there was a bit of speed back in my legs.

A long way to go till I am pushing sub 25 for 5k, but am at least running again and seem to be doing so fairly comfortably at the moment!

5k in 31:50 – broken the 32 min barrier!

Posted on Nov 20, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Regular Runs | No Comment

A dark, cold, rainy 5k, which was quite enjoyable. Ran around the local estate, had a few stops to tie pants and for traffic, but still broke the 32 minute barrier, with a more consistent split, was pretty pooped by the end!

A Street Lamped 5k in 32:08

Posted on Nov 16, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Regular Runs | No Comment

Another late run after an afternoon spent lunching and looking a Mummies in the Manchester Museum (not talking yummy mummies of course!) with a dear friend.

So wanted to get a run in so got he kit on and headed out into the cold dark November evening. Garmin took a while to find a signal, then I set off, scaring a youth eating his chips and gravy by flying past him. Realised I might be going a tad too quick so slowed to an easier pace and kept going, as 3k came up felt good and upped the pace, until an uphill stretch slowed me somewhat but managed a final km in 5:59 which is not a bad pace at this stage!

All in all felt good and almost 2 minutes off Sunday’s 5k outing – hard to believe this is only my 4th run back! The swimming must have helped keep up my base fitness 🙂

A Moonlit 5k in 33:54

Posted on Nov 14, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Jogs, Milestones, Regular Runs | No Comment

Seem to be running about once a week at the moment, with some swimming thrown in. Don’t generally run in the dark but today had some stuff on and it got to evening, but wanted to squeeze a run in. Was quite cold. Set off slowly and cautiously but after 2-3k was feeling OK and managed to speed up in the last km.

Running at night was an interesting experience, especially through the local estates. Of particular interest was waiting for the oases of street lamps so I could see the Garmin readout without trying to fiddle to put the light on.

First run I have managed since starting again without having to stop for walk breaks, and managed 5k as a bonus, am definitely on the comeback trail and the first 2 short comeback runs have paid off, and the swimming has been helping too!

Am planning a 10k run in Tatton Park week before Christmas with a very good friend, looks like I could be on schedule to make it! 🙂

5k in 28:40 and not a bit of road rust!

Posted on Aug 24, 2011 under 5-10k, 5k, Easy Runs | 2 Comments

Enjoyed a week away that involved some pleasant hill walking which was good for my CV system without punishing my legs too much. Also enjoyed a swim in the sea, covering quite a bit of water and swimming against the tide – this ended up giving me sore groin muscles the next day, as breaststroking always does if I haven’t done it for some time, but it was again a nice CV workout without busting my lungs too much 🙂

Anyway, 8 days since my last run, and with only 3 days till race day, I knew I’d need to turn my legs over again so went out for a tentative 5k, hoping the niggle of last week was just a niggle, and that the rest would leave me feeling OK. I expected to feel quite rusty as I usually do after a few days break, so started off quite slowly, and did a 6 minute km, then still felt fresh so upped the pace in bits and bursts, and did 2 at 5:42, then pushed the boat out at 5:24 before running a very comfortable last km at 5:45. Not lightning pace by any means but the good news is I didn’t feel rusty at all, but rather felt fresh, and my next run back is usually much better so gives me hope. No niggles on the knee, which is very good news!

I think the week off running has allowed my body to recover from all the hard running of the past few months, and soak up the benefits. I plan a very easy run on Friday, and then it will be time to roll up to the East Manchester Legacy 10k on Sunday. Will be pleased with around 52 anything quicker, well, I will just run how I feel and see how it goes on the day! 🙂