Bog Standard evening 5 miler – 49 minutes

Posted on Jun 14, 2012 under 5 miles, Regular Runs | No Comment

No attempts at any great pace today, aware the We Love Manchester 10k is looming next week! Decided I needed an easy 5 miler to keep my legs and lungs ticking over and blow away the cobwebs and stress of a few days of DIY (not my most natural skill!!)

Set of gently choosing a wide looping circuit via Mill Lane and back again, so a variety of up and downhill running early on. Felt ok and was going at quite a sedate pace, but after the climb up from Hyde started to get a bit breathless and was working hard to stay with it, ended up running around 6 mins per km and didn’t feel I wanted to go much quicker, just tried to maintain it but struggled in places and was breathing really hard. Managed to run through the pain to complete the 5 miles in 49 minutes and felt quite hot!!

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