A Torturous 5 Miles – 50:11

Posted on Jul 03, 2012 under 5 miles, Regular Runs | No Comment

With a very early start on Thursday and not feeling that my running form is that great at the moment, I decided to give the fast group at running club a miss tomorrow, and have a run with less pressure today.

Set off at a very easy pace and did the first km in 6:33 – felt good. Second one ticked over in 5:59 and I started to motor, feeling very positive and thinking the rust was behind me! Into the 3rd km the Garmin suggested I was going at under 5 mins per km at one point so I thought it prudent to slow a little, and the the 3rd km ticked over in 5:48. So a fair pace but nothing lightning fast!

And then somewhere in the middle of the 4th km I started to tire and feel a bit wobbly, so I slowed even more, and wasn’t even sure at that stage if I would make 5 miles. I slowed more, but things were getting harder and harder, I was pouring with sweat and breathing pretty hard, even though I’d gone to well over 6 mins per km by then. A couple of walk breaks helped and I managed to keep these few and short, and with 2k to go I managed to put on a bit more speed, thinking I might just do the 5 miles in sub 50.

With 1.05 km to go, I had just under 6 minutes so I went as quick as I could, but there were a fair few corners and this seemed to confuse the Garmin briefly. I managed to do the last km in 5:48 but ended up doing the 5 miles in 50:11 due to that extra pesky 50 meters! Still, I stuck at at, and it was an improvement on the run the other day, so hopefully my form will come back with more running!

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