A Stormy 5 miles in a 2 year best time! 47:57

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This was the weekend the spring weather turned to winter, the weekend the storms came, the air turned chill, slates were blown off roofs and it poured to the point of floods.

Perfect weather for a run then… In fact I was quite sanguine about going out and doing a swift 5 miles before having a nice quiet afternoon, so I went out and in about 10 seconds my whole body was numb with the cold. I thought about changing but thought I would soon be running and would warm up – and then the Garmin decided it would take about a mile of walking before it found a signal. I set off, aware my bladder was twitching in the freezing gusts of wind (I know, TMI) and so after 1k I stopped the Garmin and nipped into the shopping centre toilets.

Set off once the Garmin found a signal again, there were many points where I thought of aborting the run and just going home. But I soldiered on and ran into some really nasty headwinds. Drivers took pity on me and let me cross the road. At some point I found a rhythm and thought I might make it up to 5 miles, and noticed my pace was increasing imperceptibly. One lap was helped by gusts of wind behind me, but beyond that it seemed to be my legs that were turning over nice and quickly, although still with pretty short strides.

The last 2k were run in 5:45 and 5:42 which was promising, I felt good and the time was 47:57 – the fastest 5 miles since I did sub 45 in April 2010 when I was at 10k PB fitness – since then I have not managed to run anywhere near that fitness level, so it is hopefully a good sign that my running, apart from the blip with the calf, is starting to progress and I will be able to think about some kind of target soon. Still looking at sub 55 for Great Manchester Run, which in today’s evidence might just be possible!

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