A Soaking, Squelching 10.6km through streets more akin to Venice…

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Had a few things on so had to somehow fit in a run – would have liked to do 8 miles or more but only had about an hour, so I set off just aiming to run for about that time, at an easyish pace, with no real goal in mind other than time on feet.

It was drizzling as I set off, and I was careful to keep my pace slow to begin with, I head off on one of my usual routes then changed my mind and headed in a different direction, at which point the rain began to get harder. At 2km I was finding the 6:30 kms eminently manageable, and started to warm up and feel good. I did a bit of a sprint up the hill at Guide Bridge, then reminded myself to slow down and carried on at a more sedate pace. The rain was coming down a little harder by this time, but was quite refreshing. I ran past the Pearl restaurant, where I was due to go for a meal later in the evening!

On the way back I chose a longer way round to make sure I would get over an hour’s running, and it looked like the distance was going to be about 10k. At this point I was feeling very good, and it was now that the rain really started lashing down. I was a few miles from home so there was nothing I could really do except enjoy it, and it was not unpleasant at all. There were lots of deep puddles which I splashed through, and in the last few km I was very giddy, and my pace increased without any extra effort, and I was almost gliding along, splashing through deep puddles, and soaked to the skin as the rain came down harder and harder. I even got splashed by traffic going through those big kerbside puddles, which was great fun, and finished with 10.6km in 1 hr 8 minutes.

When I got in the house I wrung about a pint of water out of my shorts and top, it’s probably the wettest I have ever been without actually swimming. Thankfully my trusty old Garmin was up to the task as well as my body, which seems to be enjoying a new lease of life, and really finding itself “in the zone” on runs lately.

Just plan a very easy run if possible on a busy Saturday, then apparently it’s hill reps with the Sweatshop club on Monday!

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