A slow rainy 5k – 31:21

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Had a bit of a funny day sorting out my coursework, felt frustrated as time was running out and didn’t get as much done as I wanted, plus pile of accounts to do. Also felt a bit nauseous and tired, decided a quick 5k might help blow away some cobwebs.

Was refreshing for starters to get out in the pouring rain, Garmin picked up a signal and off I went, feeling I was starting off quite quickly. Had to dodge a Chav mobile pulling out of a drive way, but apart from that no incidents, and started to warm up nicely. Felt disappointed when the first km ticked over in 6:40, and no matter what I did after that never went under 6 mins per km for some reason, though I got down to about 6. Tried to inject some pace but it wasn’t happening – didn’t feel puffed out or exhausted, I just couldn’t seem to go any faster even though I felt I was picking up pace, so ended up with a pretty sedate 31:21, which may have been due to some fatigue from the day or perhaps some residual tiredness from the longer run on Sunday.

Thankfully there was no calf niggle or anything, but I still don’t quite trust my right calf, sooner or later I will have to bite the bullet and put in some real strides, but I might save it for the finishing stretch of the Great Manchester Run. I received my pack today through the post and am pleased to say I have been promoted back into the White wave after ending up in the Pink one last year. Of course I’m not sure if I’m quite quick enough to justify starting in that wave but at least I can start in a later wave if I so wish (the down side of the white wave is having to get into central Manchester dramatically early!!!!!.

Not long to go! 😀

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