A slow and steady 5k in 36:09

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 under 5k, Injuries, Jogs | No Comment

Lovely sunny day. Had some pains in my calf at rest today, while meditating, so not sure what that was about. Was a bit scared of setting off running but managed 1k, stopped for a bit of a calf massage, then continued at a slow sedate pace. Saw another chap a couple of times and we had a laugh about our paths crossing.

Felt the occasional pain in the calf but it seemed more like the resting pain – possibly something to do with my varicose veins in that leg which may need looking at. No explosion though and the calf was pain free on stretching.

Resisted the tempation to speed up too much, bit did run the last km at sub 70 minute 10k pace, lol – now there’s a speedster in the making!

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