A Shortish 4 miles Halloween Run with Devilish Dudes and Hellish Hills!

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The Sweatshop Hyde Running Group Jekyll & Hyde Monster Mash Halloween Run asked participants to turn up in fancy dress for a 4 mile run combining both groups and welcoming runners of all abilities!

I arrived in my Friday the 13th outfit, complete with hoodie, ski mask and meat cleaver, already glistening wet from rain, rather than the fresh blood of victims along the way!

The outfits were all really amazing and I didn’t even recognise the Devil behind the counter in the shop! This Motley Crew of Ghouls, chainsaw murderers, vampires, witches, imps and zombies went out into the wet October evening and wreaked havoc on unsuspecting public and delighted children alike! We even stopped by the home of one of the running group members and several runners raided the children’s sweet bowls! Check out this bunch of impish, ghoulish, devilish runners! (Pic courtesy of Jackie!)

sweatshop hyde running community

This cast of jogging oddities raised a few eyebrows and occasioned several appreciative beeps of horns, thankfully no pile ups were caused at the shock of seeing this gleeful lot going full tilt up and down hills in the sodden conditions.

Our illustrious coach nearly suffocated in his mask, and I must say running in full horror movie regalia was a hot and breathless affair, but I managed to run and kept to a sensible pace, and hopefully the leg will be OK come tomorrow!

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