A pleasing sub 31 5k in the dark…

Posted on Jan 11, 2012 under 5-10k, 5k, Regular Runs | 2 Comments

Still not sleeping well lately, but I heard magnesium and calcium can be good for insomnia so I got my Boots double points and threshold tokens and stocked up on my vitamins and minerals, including some iron, and will see if this helps!

Meanwhile, back to the running, it had been raining earlier and not having slept was in two minds about a run, but knowing that this weekend I have some things on where I can’t run, I thought I’d better get at least a short sharp run in, so got my jogging pants and top on and ventured out.

It felt quite mild, and had stopped raining, so as soon as the Garmin found a signal I set off at what felt like a fairly brisk pace – however the first km ticked over in 6:40 so it seemed to be my usual pattern of thinking I am running slower or faster than I really am continues! I felt good and seemed to speed up in reality after that, posting two sub 6 min kms as part of the run, including the last one which was 5:47. I had hoped to get under 31 minutes once I got going and felt ok, but had to motor hard in that last km to make it with just 10 seconds to spare.

Next target is to break 30 minutes again, and will factor in a few longer runs now I seem to be back from the colds and distractions of Christmas.

Meanwhile, I have assignments to do for my Uni Course too!

2 Responses to “A pleasing sub 31 5k in the dark…”

  1. Gordon Says:

    Hi there Rob,
    I have an insomnia problem too caused by weekly rotating shifts that totally destroyed my sleep patterns over a period of twenty years. It’s as if I’m never firing on all cylinders. I’ve tried multivitamins but to no effect. My over-active brain doesn’t help matters either. Might have to try meditating which you’ve mentioned on RF.
    I also suffer from SAD at this time of year, so energy levels are really low and I’m not running anywhere near as well as I should be. I’ve ordered some high dosage Vitamin D3 to try and combat this problem. Hope it works!
    Good luck with your running.

  2. Road-Runner-Rob Says:

    Hi there!

    Hope the vitamin D3 works! I’ve been studying up on some neuroscience lately which has some interesting tips, I will try to put them together into a blog post either here on my other blog, which may help.

    One thing it said is that if you get wound up about not sleeping, it makes it worse – ie if you don’t sleep and go through the day thinking “Oh no I haven’t slept” you can feel a lot worse than if you just shrug it off. It seems to be working in my case, but I did get a reasonable night in last night! 🙂

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