A Fast, Freezing 5k Tempo with an impromptu pacemaker! 29:29

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Had spent Saturday dog sitting for a friend, and was up early this morning, and hadn’t really planned a run, but I had some time to spare so decided to get out and do a quick 5k. The weather was very cold so for the first time I put on gloves, and also my Nike running beanie, to keep out the cold a bit.

As I walked out of the house a lady runner jogged passed, and as the Garmin found a signal very quickly I elected to see if I could catch up to her, as she seemed to be heading in my planned direction anyway, and it took my mind off how cold it was. So I set off at a bit of a pace, nothing too crazy, and could see myself steadily eating away at the distance, which started off at about 300m. I clocked the first KM in 6:07 so was going a bit faster than recently, but nothing too mad.

In any case, I was soon catching up my unofficial pacemaker, my lungs and legs were starting to work, and I was ready to switch up another gear and go flying past her. At this point, she looked around to cross the road, saw me, and must have read my mind or thought I was a mugger, as she just went kind of whooooosh! and legged it up the incline far faster than I was willing to go. At that point she went left and I turned right, so I hope she enjoyed the rest of her run 🙂

There was a big downhill for me to coast down then, and I was warmed up by this point so the gloves and hat came off and I settled into a pace that was comfortably hard, although the uphills made it seem very hard at times. At one point I felt I might have to stop after a steep incline but carried on, and felt that sub 30 was really on the cards, but I would have to maintain the pace, so I pushed as hard as I could and breathed deeply to feed my legs and heart with oxygen!

A glance at the Garmin and I knew I was going to do it with plenty of time to spare, I trotted to a stop and stopped the Garmin, and saw that I’d not only done it under 30 mins, but under 29:30 too in 29:29, which is among my fastest times for 5k since my injury last year. Still haven’t gone sub 29 since last summer so that will be the next target, and I will continue to mix up longer slower runs and shorter faster runs for the time being, before starting to think about race season and speed work and intervals!

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