8k Regular Run – Freezing, Pouring, Windy! 42m 38s

Posted on Sep 30, 2008 under 5-10k, Regular Runs | No Comment

I’ve still not slept well, had some work stress late last night and ended up in bed late and tired but couldn’t drop off, very sluggish on waking, didn’t want to get up. Did eat better yesterday though.  Had a slight issue with guts before I set off – must be carrying something!

Didn’t want to go out to run at all especially in weather, having got used to the milder weather of earlier – now facing freezing cold, gusty wind and pouring rain – but forced myself again (as I will have to get used to it!) and started to feel my old self once I’d got past 4k and warmed up a bit, and even got a bit annoyed with myself and sprinted up a hill to get the endorphins flowing. Was planning 7k but threw in an extra k to make it 8 and threw in a speedy last 300 metres.

Managed average pace of 5:20 per k, which is faster than my comeback run over 5k at the weekend, so I am coming backfor real now – felt knackered by the end of this one though. But glad to get back into the over 5k territory and will slowly build back up 🙂

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