800m Intervals – Hard Session, but very good!

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Hard shorter intervals session, pretty much flat out at times, although cruising speed was still well within sub 50k pace which bodes well, in fact my cruising pace seems to be getting faster, 4:40 k’s now feel a lot easier than sub 4 minute k pace (which I hadn’t dreamt of running before today!)

1.8k warm up.



with 3 minute recoveries

1 mile cool down 10 minutes jog.

Splits put together would result in a 22:30 5k, so not bad going – on the last k went flat out for about 400m of it and the Garmin for the first time showed me actually running at sub 4 mins/k at about 3:55/k, which I don’t think I have done before, certainly haven’t seen it on the Garmin except for the dubious “fastest speed” which could have only been for 10 seconds!. Slowed a bit towards the end, but the first and last 800m put together would make a 6:52 mile more or less, which isn’t bad considering there were a couple of hard miles in between. Found it hard but could almost feel instant results – psychologically as much as anything else, the next thing will be to keep this up and start reducing the recovery times, although 3 minutes feels just about right at the moment, can work on that, getting it shorter, and the ultimately put it all together for some new mile, 5k and 10k PB times 🙂

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