5k Weekly Time Trial – Raining – 25m 28s

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Well, in a way – was quite experimental, as I was determined to run the first 3 k of my weekly 5k time trial at or just over 25 minute pace, and then put in a burst for the last 2k when feeling good.

At 1k I was 5:10, at 2k 10:20, but didn’t quicken up, thinking I would soon start to feel comfortable and would be able to up the pace, but it never came – after 3k I was just playing catch up and couldn’t find any extra pace or energy, and I must have been losing pace in fact as by the end I was a whole minute or so off my normal 5k time…

This either means the best policy is to go off sub 25 pace from the outset and just maintain it, or I’ve just had a bad day. I did run my heaviest week ever last week so maybe the legs are feeling it – then again I did just have a 2 day rest 😕

Still, I find I sometimes shoot off a PB after a particularly bad run, so who knows 😕

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