5k Tempo Run in the Rain – 29:18

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After the last two “easy” runs have turned into monumental struggles I was feeling some trepidation about today’s run and was in two minds about running at all. It was pouring with rain and an afternoon with a book seemed like a good idea, but after meditating I decided I would just give running a go and see what happened, and decided to run 5k at a tempo pace, as whatever happened, it would be over quicker! I think there is some weird reverse running psychology going on with my easy runs, in that in expecting them to be somehow “easy”, I end up setting up a false expectation and then when the perceived effort goes up I am not really prepared mentally to put up with it as I expect it to be “easy” whereas running is never going to actually be as easy as a walk in the park (unless your Mo Farah going at my pace, which would be a walk in the park for him, ha ha!)

In any case, I slipped out into the rainy streets and the Garmin got a signal almost right away, just walked a bit to warm up then set off expecting to suffer. A lot. Went at quite a quick pace and the first km was under 6 minutes, then followed the major downhill part which helped me recover a little, and did the next 2k in 5:37 which was a consistent pace given the hills and wind.

The big hill at 3.5k took it out of me somewhat and result in a 6.22 km, then just had to hang on. Looking at the Garmin I was starting to back pedal as I thought my season’s best was sub 29 and realised I wasn’t going to make that, and by the end I was more or less spent, but did recover quite quickly and felt really good for having pushed the pace all the way through the run, and hanging on when it felt really tough.

Turns out that the 29:18 is actually one of my fastest times for 5k since last summer, and I haven’t gone under 29 minutes for some time, and given the way I felt on the last few runs, this was at least a sign that the runs are paying off and I am starting to build some speed endurance.

Sooner or later I won’t have to say that sub 29 is my next target, maybe a time trial on the flat could see me break that barrier. We shall see!

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