5k Tempo Run in 28:30

Posted on May 01, 2012 under 5-10k, 5k, Season's Best, Tempo Runs | No Comment

Had a busy day and needed to blow the cobwebs away. Got kit on and it felt a bit cold – had to faff around with my shoe as felt like I had a stone in there but couldn’t find it. Garmin got a signal quite quickly and I set off at a briskish pace, getting my lungs working quite quickly, but mindful not to go off at a crazy pace.

First km ticked over in 6:08 and I had to slow a little when I seemed to be touching 5 mins per km, but then the kms ticked over in 5:44, 5:34, 5:35 and a blistering last leg of 5:24. Still only about 57 minute pace for 10k, but then again a season’s best and fastest 5k for quite some time (would have to check back for how long, but it seems a while). I guess sub 28 before the Great Manchester Run would be a good target to aim for.

Still not entirely confident about my calf, every time the pace starts picking up I seem to be mentally bracing myself for an explosion of pain. I guess all I can do is keep building the pace gradually and maybe experiment with some pace towards the end of the race, rather than risking not being able to start.

So far so good, though!

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