5 x 800m Intervals – bugger!

Posted on Apr 20, 2010 under Intervals, Speedwork | No Comment

Intervals session:

2k warm up



with 3 minute walking recoveries

Took ages to recover from first one and never quite got back into it – I would start the laps off at decent speed and at about 400m I just hit some kind of treacle or force field and started slowing down and my gasping rate was off the scale. I was giving it everything put just couldn’t a) push the pace up and b) maintain anything much under 7 minute mile pace.

Cooldown – walked, couldn’t be arsed by that point! ➡

Not done intervals for a while so maybe speed edge goes off quickly – or i just need more rest after park run on Sat and a higher mileage week (for me!) last week, will probably take week easy now and let the batteries recharge ready for Bolton 10k.

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