5 Miles Slow and Easy in the Evening Sun – 56:17

Posted on Sep 06, 2012 under 5 miles, Slow Runs, Trail Running | No Comment

Just a very gentle 5 miles, with a hill in the middle!

Left ankle felt a bit niggly on starting, and when I got a little quicker in 2nd km, left hamstring started to protest a little too. Kept my stride length shorter and just plodded along, took it easy on the sharp descent to Denton woods, and enjoyed some nice trail running in the evening sunshine. Had a few bursts of quicker pace but didn’t sustain them.

Took the ascent up Stockport Road very easy but started to get really hot and felt hungry and thirsty. Plodded around random streets at a very slow pace until I got to the 5 mile mark, the legs were OK, not sure how they will respond to race pace on Sunday – and not sure what race pace will be, but will just run how I feel on the day, and see what time I end up with!

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