3 Easy Evening miles in a post-calf-injury best so far of 32:18

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 under 5k, Injuries, Jogs | No Comment

Had a longish day and had lots of notes to write up, so thought a run as the sun was setting would be a good way to unwind! Not much time to warm up, so set off at a very sedate pace, and did the first km in 6:49.

Felt myself getting quicker as the run went on, and when I got to about 3k was going pretty well, noticed the Garmin dipping under 6 mins per km at times and felt that was a bit too quick at this stage, so slowed, but then my body quickened itself up again. Almost felt a twinge of some kind in right calf, could have been an insect bite it was that small, but it really made me slow right down again, until I got to the last KM where I sped up and was determined to get inside 32 minutes but somehow the quicker I got the less distance ticked over!

Finished in 32:18 with a 6:15 last km and no tenderness when stretching the calves afterwards. Am beginning to think I may be on the road to recover, and am quite enjoying this leisurely, pressure free running!

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