10 Mile Long Run – Hot and Sunny – 1h 33m 44

Posted on Aug 24, 2008 under 10 Miles, above 15k, Long Runs | No Comment

Nice 10 mile long run in the sun. Ran down Windmill Lane and around random streets in Reddish. Found alternative route to Reddish Country Park and had little run through there, even ran up the big hill back into Reddish! Felt really good up to about 12k, started to flag a bit, but had been going quite quickly at times – set Garmin to alert me if I went quicker then 5:30 per k, and ended up with an average pace of about 5:40 per k, could have gone quicker at times but was ready for stopping after the last mile and little respite from the sun.

Just the second time I’ve ran this far, and a few minutes faster than the last time 🙂

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